About Us

old-photoThe Castillo tradition of special Mexican food has been a part of Texas for over eighty years. Our cuisine of Old Mexico recipes combined with tangy Texas style cooking has developed over the years into a Tex-Mex brand of Mexican food to suit the tastes of our customers.

The story begins in 1922, when Grandfather Antonio P. Castillo, Sr. opened the first Castillo restaurant – The Texas Café in downtown Waco, Texas. The popularity of the restaurant and food with customers prompted “Mr. Tony” to open other Castillo restaurants.

The Aztec Café and Italian Village Restaurants soon followed adding different cuisines to Waco but always maintaining popular Tex-Mex dishes.

Due to the growth of Waco, son Antonio P. Castillo Jr. considered a change in location for the families’ restaurant, in 1982 – thus Casa de Castillo was born! Today, we remain consistent to the Castillo family tradition for which we are known – a dining experience with delicious Tex-Mex food and family hospitality under the ownership of grandsons, Antonio III and Richard Castillo.