Special Packs


Whether you have your gathering set up in mind or want the convenience of meal presentation by our experienced staff, Casa de Castillo offers pick-up, drop-off delivery and set-up delivery service with our Special Packs. Our most popular food selections can be packaged in disposable containers for you or we will be happy to offer you suggested menu and serving items that can make your event successful and cost effective. Special Packs also offer a smaller minimum per person requirement- perfect for smaller gatherings.

Pick-Up Minimum: 5 Person

Drop-Off Delivery Minimum: $200.00

Delivery Set-Up Minimum: $200.00


Packaging Fee: 10%

Delivery Fee: 15%

Delivery & Set-Up Fee: 25%


Payment: We accept cash, check, debit card or credit card. Checks must be received at least ten (10) days prior to event date. Credit Cards accepted are American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover. An 8.25% sales tax will be added to final ticket total. No refund will be given on orders cancelled after 24 hours prior to pick up/delivery event date.

Delivery Set-up Service Includes: ●Food orders delivered thirty (30) minutes before serving time in disposable pans.

Delivery Drop-off Service Includes: ● Food orders delivered in disposable pans.

Other Delivery Set-Up Services (Additional Charge):

  • Stainless Steel Chafers*
  • Disposable Plates, Cups, Serving Utensils
  • Disposable Cutlery Kits
  • Disposable Tablecloths
  • Beverages

See Bulk Item Pricing for beverages

Chafers and warming units are expected to be returned by responsible party of food order.

*Delivery available within 15 Miles of Casa de Castillo Restaurant

All “Build Your Own”, Appetizer and Special Packs include Hot Sauce and Tostado Chips.

Dessert Special Pack

Variety of Homemade desserts available by individual servings or can be combined with other Special Pack menu items. Each dessert is homemade and may require your order to be placed sixteen (16) hours in advance.

Choose From:

  • Flan*
  • Praline Chocolate Cake**
  • Strawberry Margarita Cake**
  • Mini- Strawberry Margarita Pies***
  • Sopapilla Cheesecake**
  • Praline
  • Sopapilla served with Butter and Honey
  • Apple Chimichanga*

** Minimum Serving of 12 and advance order time

* Individual servings and advance order time

Appetizer Special Pack

Our Appetizer Pack is a great choice for business or wedding/baby shower gatherings. It can also be served buffet style before your group’s main course. Choose from two (2) to five (7) appetizers for your guest to enjoy.

Choose From:

  • Chile con Queso
  • Ceviche
  • Southwest Spinach Dip
  • Fruit Tray – In Season (Serves 12)
  • Raspberry Chipotle Albodigas (Meatballs)
  • Veggie Tray (Serves 12)
  • Guacamole Salad
  • Scorpion’s Tails- Large shrimp with jack cheese and jalapeno pepper wrapped in bacon and grilled with Bar B Que Sauce
  • Shrimp Diablo
  • Buffalo Chicken Wings
  • Southwest Cheesecake Dip

“Build Your Own” Taco Pack

Choice of Crispy Corn, Soft Corn or Flour Tortillas filled with

Choice of Two:  Seasoned Ground Beef, Seasoned Shredded Chicken, and Pork

Add Beef or Chicken Fajita $1.95 Per Person

Pack Includes : Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese, Refried Beans and Rice    

Additions:  Cilantro, Sour Cream, Black Olives, Pico de Gallo, Seasoned Vegetables, Grated Jack Cheese

“Build Your Own” Nacho Pack

Select your favorite ingredients and create a Nacho masterpiece!

Choose Two: Seasoned Ground Beef, Seasoned Shredded Chicken, and Pork

Add: Beef or Chicken Fajita – $1.95 per person

Pack Includes: Tostado Chips, Chile con Queso, Jalapeno Peppers and Refried Beans 

Additions: Sour Cream, Guacamole, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Pico de Gallo

“Build Your Own” Casa Salad Pack

Fill your Large Crisp Flour Tortilla Bowl for a light and flavorful salad!

Choose Two: Seasoned Ground Beef, Seasoned Shredded Chicken, and Pork

Add: Beef or Chicken Fajita – $1.95 Per Person

Pack Includes: Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream and Black Olives 

Additions:  Shrimp: Add $2.75 per person, Cilantro, Grated Jack Cheese, Pico De Gallo

Casa Combo Pack

Offers a variety of Enchiladas and Tacos served with Rice and Beans

 Serving Size:

  • Adult: One (1) Enchilada and One (1) Taco
  • Child: One (1) Enchilada or One (1) Taco

 Enchilada Choice : Cheese, Beef, Chicken or Spinach

 Choice of Enchilada Topping: Chili & Cheese, Sour Cream, Queso or Ranchero 

 Choice of Taco: Soft Cheese, Beef, Chicken or Pork

Each additional:

  • Enchilada: $ 2.50 per person
  • Taco: $ 2.00 per person

Pack Includes: Lettuce, Tomatoes and Cheddar Cheese 

Enchilada Pack

Tortillas filled with your choice of meat or cheese and covered with your choice of our homemade sauces. Served with Rice and Beans. 

Choose Two or Enchilada Filling: Cheese, Beef, Chicken or Spinach

Choice of Enchilada Topping: Chili & Cheese, Sour Cream, Queso or Ranchero 

Each additional Enchilada: $ 2.50 per person  

Fajita Pack

 One, Two, or Triple Combination

 Choose from: Beef, Chicken, or Pork

Pack Includes: Flour or Corn Tortillas, Grilled Onions, Rice and  Refried Beans

Includes Condiments:  Sour Cream, Guacamole, Grated Cheddar Cheese, and Pico de Gallo 

Add Pan of Enchiladas $ 31.00